Play Bingo Online

People from the world over have heard of Bingo. You'd be surprised to know that even East Asian countries have their versions of Bingo game that are enjoyed socially!.

What's more interesting is that when the internet first became accessible, Bingo players became among the first online gamers. That's right – online Bingo is far from a new concept. It's been a thing for decades!

Whether you've played Bingo games beforre or not, if you're ready to join the ranks and play Bingo online, we'll walk you through the whats and hows right here.


About Bingo Game

Whether you're playing Bingo online (virtual Bingo) or with a group of people, you'll be working with a grid of numbers on what are called "Bingo cards."

These have been part of the game since the days of traditional Bingo – the original version that appeared in Europe around 1778. Today, you can print these cards if you're playing with a group using a Bingo card generator.

These cards have grids of randomly-generated numbers. Every Bingo game – online Bingo games included – have a caller. If you're playing at a Bingo hall, the caller is the person who calls out numbers that are picked randomly on the spot.

This was traditionally done using a ball spinner, which had balls with numbers written on them. It was spun, a ball popped out, and the number on the ball was called out. But these days, Bingo halls have computers to handle this RNG task. 

The cards and the caller use random numbers, making Bingo a game of chance. So, every time you play Bingo will be a different gaming experience. 

The game is also called "Lotto," and this borderline-addictive game is among the most popular low-priced gambling games in the world. When the game reached America, it was called keno, beano, radio, lucky, and fortune. But you barely hear these names anymore – these names were popular in the 19th century.

Interestingly, Bingo is the only form in which gambling is permitted in the British armed services. The Brits gave it their own spin and called their version the Royal Navy tombola. In the army, it was called house or housy-housy.

Bingo was most popular during the Great Depression, and people enjoyed this game en masse in motion-picture theatres.

Yes, there was a time when one night of the week was designated Bingo night. Every participant got free Bingo cards with their admission tickets, and winners took home hundreds of dollars in cash or merchandise.

Bingo was introduced to Japan in the Monte-Carlo casino and has been enjoyed by the country's people ever since. The game is also extremely popular in the Philippines.


How to Play Bingo Online?

If you want to enjoy Bingo games online solo, the best way to do it is to visit  . The excellent graphics and easy-to-understand interface make it one of the best free Bingo games online.

That said, there are also ways for you to play a Bingo game online with your friends. These online Bingo games are a Google search away – search for Bingo Blitz games. Once you play Bingo Blitz, you'll understand how competitive these games can feel when you're playing with real online players from across the globe.


Bingo Rules

You'll see your sheet on the screen when you play the game online. The game begins when random numbers begin appearing on the screen. If the number appears on your Bingo card, click it to mark it off. You'll need to do this quickly since the next number will be announced only a few seconds later.

The caller will keep calling out numbers till someone marks all the numbers on the sheet – hopefully, it's you!

If you're the first to cross a row off, you'll win the game. Depending on the type of Bingo game you're playing, the objective might be to mark at least two rows or all the numbers on the card.

The most challenging part of playing Bingo is to keep up with the caller's pace. If you miss marking a number on your card, you won't win the game. The difficulty level increases if you mark the numbers on two cards at once. Some people are so good at this game that they can mark three cards at a time!

It's no wonder that Bingo halls are quiet so often – marking off the numbers demands concentration.

The good thing about online Bingo is that most games have features that enhance your experience. Some of these games mark the card for you, so you can sit back and watch the prizes coming in!